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Body Odor in Kids

Many of us think body odor doesn’t occur in kids. Kids are believed to not release such odor until they get to puberty. But, body odor includes a common issue even in kids who sustain good personal hygiene. Parents seem baffled as they realize their adorable, cute kid is emanating a foul-smelling odor. It may be a distressing situation. But, we must equip ourselves with the know-know of why small tots tend to emanate poor body odor and what the different measures are to counter it.


We think that perspiration leads to body odor, but, perspiration by itself does not emit an odor. It only is when anaerobic bacteria flourish inside the body because of a lack of adequate oxygen that body odor will develop. Furthermore, during the process of body metabolism, the body eliminates waste products by emitting odors. Any malfunction or deviation in this metabolism may result in emission of a strong odor.

Metabolic Disorder

According to our Temecula Pediatricians, body odor may be caused by numerous factors. One type of factor includes a ‘metabolic disorder’, where the child’s body does not have the ability to generate specific enzymes, critical for chemical breakdown inside the body. Phenylketonuria includes a rarely inherited metabolic disorder, whereby the body does not have the ability to break down amino acids referred to as phenylalanine present inside the food. The disorder results in strong body odor because of an accumulation of phenylalanine inside the body.

Hormones added within Cow’s Milk

Hormones will be added to cow’s milk, which have the ability to produce body odor in kids. Many parents have discovered that changing to milk substitutes or organic milk, such as almond milk solved the issue of body odor. Hormones within other food sources also can cause body odor.

Premenstrual Adrenarche

Also, body odor in kids may be a sign of premature adrenarche. Within these circumstances, glands are stimulated to lead to puberty hair growth underneath the arm and within the genital areas at an early age.

In addition to these causes, one other cause in children is intestinal parasite. Furthermore, hyperactive sweat glands, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), metal toxicities also can conduce to foul body odor within children.


If your youngster is reaching puberty during an early stage, body odor includes a common indication. But, check for additional puberty signs such as breast development, pubic or underarm hair, etc. If odor isn’t accompanied by any of those signs, it isn’t conduced by early puberty and you must consult our Temecula Pediatricians.

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