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Whether you’ve just had your first baby or you have more than one child at home, the hospital experience with newborns is usually similar each time. While you’re in the hospital the first day or two, you want to pay attention to what the nurses and doctors say and do along with utilizing the help that’s given so that you can rest before going home.


Right after delivery, part of the newborn hospital care in Summerville, SC, includes checking the vitals of your baby. Someone will measure the length and see how much your baby weighs along with measuring the circumference of the head. Your baby’s temperature will be taken along with a glucose check and an exam to look at the heart rate and breathing.

Such a Sight

Once your baby is cleaned and the vitals are taken, a nurse will usually administer eye drops or put ointment on the baby’s eyes as part of the newborn hospital care in Summerville, SC. This step is important as it helps to prevent infections that could occur during and after delivery.

Getting Clean

While in the hospital, your baby will be bathed by the nurses. You can ask if you can participate as well, but if it’s your first baby, you can observe so that you know how to hold your baby’s head and how to make sure the umbilical cord is cleaned until it falls off. Feeding in your room is usually encouraged, but the nurses can help with bottle feeding or breastfeeding depending on which method you prefer if you’re unsure.

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