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Comfortable Flights for Sick and Injured Travelers

Traveling by aircraft can be an intimidating experience. In fact, fear of flight is one of the most reported phobias in the modern world. This may be because of risks associated with plane travel, but is just as often caused by the fear of related hassle and the perception of what stresses air travel might cause on the body and mind of a traveler.

This is magnified when the person who must utilize a flight for transportation is injured, ill, or needs special medical supervision, or support. For those who can obtain the service, chartered aircraft escort services assist with this, taking a great deal of the stress out of the flying process.

What is an Aircraft Escort Service?

Aircraft escort services are dedicated professional supervisors and medical providers who accompany air travelers on flights to give them peace of mind and an improved experience while relocating. In the case of chartered aircraft escort services, these companions are assigned to clients who are traveling by chartered craft, giving them more opportunity for direct interaction, increased comfort and more privacy when required. Also, chartered aircrafts can often be requested or scheduled when regular, commercial flights are unavailable, making them an excellent choice for those who need to be moved for medical reasons.

Why Travel by Air?

An injured or infirm person may wonder what purpose air travel could serve in their situation, considering the stresses and strains that flying can produce. While travel for leisure may not be advised in these situations, air travel can actually be a safer, faster and a more comfortable way for people to be relocated from one medical facility to another, be taken to a proper facility if they need care, or to be moved back home or to a palliative care facility for end of life services. Whatever their travel need, patients may find that professionally monitored air travel is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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