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Detox Plans: Why Medically Supervised Cleanses Are the Only Safe Option

Every weight loss program has its own method, but many are designed to have the dieter jump start the process through a cleansing. A Detox plan is able to eliminate bloat, remove some toxins from the body and can often boost the metabolic system too. The process can be as short as 24-hours, but in order to be genuinely effective they should be performed for a couple of days or as long as a week. The length will often be determined by the need of the person who is starting the diet.

A cleanse helps to remove excess product in the intestines in order to make the digestive system work more effectively. This eliminates belly bloat and generally makes people feel less sluggish. When done correctly it can also help to boost mental sharpness. It does this by removing irritants and allergens that are locked in the system. By flushing these from the system, the body is able to spend less time fighting off illness.

Commercial cleanses or extreme diet plans found online can be dangerous. They often severely restrict what people are allowed to eat to the point where they are not getting the vital nutrients they need. Some do not stress the importance of water during a Detox, not just to help flush the system, but to prevent the body from becoming dehydrated.

Unsupervised cleanses can be dangerous for people with health concerns like diabetes or high blood pressure. Juice fasts and liquid diets are only safe when they are nutritionally balanced and many of the commercially available products are not. They are usually very low in protein, so they can cause people to feel tired and not have what they need to keep their immune system strong. Others are so low in fiber the dieter can feel ravenous within a couple of days.

Dieters should avoid a strict plan that will leave them feeling unwell, potentially losing muscle mass instead of fat or could be so restrictive that they give up on their attempt to lose weight.  It is safer, more effective method and the best way to stay focused on reaching health and weight loss goals.

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