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Living with diabetes isn’t easy. Aside from the medication, you may end up developing eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy. The condition affects blood vessels in the retina and could lead to blindness or vision impairment, the NIH says. If your loved one is struggling with diabetic complications of this kind, then get help. Look for diabetic retinopathy treatment in Jacksonville FL. Read on to check out other things you can do.

Know the symptoms

Early stages have no discernible symptoms. That’s why regular eye check-ups are a must to track your health and catch early signs of the disease. The moment the disease starts to affect your loved one’s condition, it may be too late. If your friend or relative has bleeding in the eyes or experiences floating spots, get diabetic retinopathy treatment in Jacksonville FL right away. Prompt treatment can ensure that the bleeding won’t recur. It also cuts back on the risk that your loved one may end up losing his or her vision permanently.

Protect one’s vision

Once vision is lost due to the condition, the results may sometimes be irreversible. But early treatment and detection can reduce that risk by about 95 percent. Eye exams once a year can help. Also, since people with diabetes are already at risk of developing the disease, finding ways to control the diabetes and keep it from worsening can be key to stopping the condition from happening as well.

Get treatment

Most times, patients get treatment only when the disease has progressed to proliferative diabetic retinopathy, which can be treated with laser surgery. To know more about your loved one’s options, though, talk to an eye care specialist. Find out what treatments will work as early as possible. By getting your family or friend the help s/he needs, you can prevent the worst-case scenario from happening.

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