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If you suffer from regular migraines, you may need to look beyond common causes such as the weather or the amount of sleep you’ve recently had. Your migraines may be caused by your spine being out of alignment. The spine supports the entire body, including the head. If there is a misalignment, then your entire body is thrown out of whack, placing a significant amount of pressure on the base of the neck and head. As a result, you will develop a migraine. A test for EEG function in Manalapan, NJ, will examine the electrical activity in your brain and can help diagnose your migraines. For relief, you might want to consider some of the following treatments for spine misalignment.

  • Chiropractic Care

You can help address spine misalignment through chiropractic care. You can seek the help of specialists who understand the spine and how it functions with the rest of the body. If there’s a misalignment, then they can help align the spine using natural and noninvasive measures. Sometimes, surgery might be required, but a chiropractor can typically solve most misalignment issues with great care and slow and careful exercises.

  • Physical Therapy

Sometimes, a misalignment can occur due to an injury. In such a case, physical therapy can be used to help align and strengthen the spine. Stretching and performing lightweight exercises can slowly strengthen the spine so that it isn’t pushed out of misalignment again.

  • Braces

To ensure that your spine stays in its proper place, you might be asked to wear a brace for a period of time. This can support the treatment that you receive from a chiropractor or a physical therapist. The brace ensures that the spine doesn’t slip back into its previous formation.

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