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When men and women set an appointment with Doctors in Menifee CA for an annual checkup or a Department of Transportation physical, this might be an ideal time to get a seasonal flu shot. Vaccinations are usually provided beginning in September, and doctors recommend that patients receive one by November. If somebody has delayed, this person can still get one any time during the next several months.

Many people have misconceptions about flu shots that lead them to never get one. During a physical exam with Doctors in Menifee CA, patients should feel free to ask questions about concerns they have regarding the annual influenza vaccine. For instance, they may want verification that it’s impossible to get the flu from a vaccination.

Why People Think the Injection Can Cause Infection

Doctors can confirm that this is, in fact, impossible because of the chemical composition of the substance and where it is injected. Two occurrences lead people to think they can get the flu from the shot.

One is that sometimes a person has already been infected with the virus before getting the vaccination. In addition, the vaccination does not become fully effective for a couple of weeks. The person might still become infected during that time, but the severity of the illness should be reduced.

Another reason people think they can get sick from the shot is that some individuals experience side effects. Only a small percentage of patients develop any side effects, but those who do may not feel all that well the day or two after the vaccination. Most commonly, these patients experience a sore arm from the injection along with general muscle aches and fatigue. Rarely, a low-grade fever is present. This may actually feel like a mild case of the flu.

Talk With a Doctor for Peace of Mind

Talking with a doctor at a clinic such as Total Care Family Medical Center can ease the patient’s mind about getting a flu shot. The conversation can make it clear why doing so is so important. Each year, many otherwise healthy men and women become very ill after catching influenza. Some do not survive.

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