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Drug Detox – Don’t Go It Alone

Drug and alcohol detox can be difficult. Not only do patients have to make the choice to give up what may be a very complex addiction – dealing with both physical and emotional dependency issues – but the physical process of detoxing from any substance can be hard on the body. Let’s take a look at exactly what detox patients are facing – and why they should never try to go it alone.

The Effects of Detox on the Body

During your detox program, you will experience physical and possibly mental side effects of withdrawal. As your body has become dependent on the substance you’ve been providing it, it will react – sometimes violently – to having it taken away. This can range from mild headaches and nausea to full-scale meltdowns, widespread pain and sweats that leave you sick for days. Withdrawal is a serious condition.

This is why medical supervision – such as that provided during a detox program – is so important. For opiate users, medication can be provided to help you step down off of your drug, easing your transition into sobriety. For users of other substances, medications can be administered to lessen the pain, nausea and other side effects of withdrawal – medication you likely would not have access to on your own. Most importantly, you will be monitored in case any emergent situation arises. Don’t be embarrassed, if it does. This is all part of the normal detox process, and your doctors and nurses have seen it all before.

Seeking a Helping Hand

Because of the physical symptoms of withdrawal during the detox process, it is advised that any patient attempting to discontinue the use of drugs or alcohol should consult a medical professional. The best option is to check into an inpatient detoxification specialist, as they will be best equipped to assist you or your loved one with this situation.

Patients seeking detox assistance services in the Sacramento area can consult New Dawn Treatment Centers. Here, patients will receive detoxification services, plus other, further means of recovery depending on individual needs. There’s no need to suffer the side effects of detox alone. Call a professional today, and get the help you need to get clean and stay that way!

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