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Anemia is a common condition, but it can affect your quality of life. It helps to get a diagnosis and find out the cause. You should start by scheduling an appointment with a physician in a Hampton, GA, office. Read on to find out how to get your anemia under control.

Find Out the Reason for the Blood Loss

Many patients have problems with anemia for different reasons. It is common for women who have heavy menstrual flow to have this condition. If you can find out the cause of the blood loss, then you can treat it. You will need to have an examination from a physician in Hampton, GA.

Increase Iron

Iron deficiency anemia occurs when you do not have enough red blood cells, which comes from not having enough iron in your body. This condition also affects your hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is a requirement to make iron. It helps to take an iron supplement or eat foods with iron.

Get a Blood Test

It helps to go for annual checkups with your doctor. During these visits, your doctor will perform blood tests. These tests will confirm your diagnosis and determine the underlying cause of the anemia. When you treat the cause, you can cure your anemia.

This condition should not be left untreated. It can weaken your immune system and cause an irregular heartbeat. Anemia also can heighten your complications when combining with other health conditions. Contact Internal Medicine of Griffin at visit us website to get your annual physical.

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