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When you are recovering from a serious illness or injury, you may spend up to a week or longer in the hospital. However, at some point, the hospital will need to transfer you and your care to another place where you can continue your treatment.

Before you transfer to this new location, you may wonder what kind of care that you will receive and what you can expect during your time there. You can anticipate getting a number of critical services when you are sent to one of the rehab facilities in Kirkwood, MO, to recuperate.

Physical Therapy

The main point of your stay at this facility centers around helping you regain your strength enough to where you can be sent home safely. You may need to improve your capability to stand up without assistance, walk without support and handle daily tasks like feeding yourself and taking a bath or shower.

When you stay in this treatment center, you can expect to undergo physical therapy to help you get stronger. You will exercise with the help of a physical therapist and grow your muscle and bone strength. You also build up endurance for tasks like standing and walking unassisted.

You also may receive dietary support during your time there. You will be served meals designed to fortify you and help you gain weight.

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