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As seniors get older, their ability to care for themselves properly and keep themselves safe in their homes. However, they are often hesitant to give up their independence to move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. In these situations, in-home care in Washington DC can be the ideal solution. The following are some signs your loved one may require this type of care.

Lack of Mobility

If seniors struggle to get around, chances are that they can’t keep up with the demands of taking care of tasks around their homes. By hiring in-home care in Washington DC, your loved one will have someone who can help them with light housekeeping, cooking, and other tasks that may be neglected when an individual suffers from mobility issues.


Many seniors can’t get out of the house to maintain their social life as they once did. When family members can’t visit often due to distance or busy lifestyles, in-home care in Washington DC can combat feelings of loneliness. When seniors are overcome with loneliness, it can lead to health issues like depression, which can harm their overall health and wellness.

Inability to Care for Themselves

Seniors may begin missing their medication doses or failing to keep themselves clean or prepare healthy meals. While this can often indicate seniors need more extensive care in a facility, in-home care in Washington DC can also be a solution. An in-home caregiver can help them with these tasks, provide medication reminders, and keep seniors healthy while remaining in the comfort of their homes.

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