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Men and women who take prescription opioid medication for pain relief can be at risk of becoming addicted. The risk increases the longer they take the drug. Eventually, some of these individuals no longer can obtain a valid prescription and resort to other methods of acquiring opiate drugs. A person who has become addicted to these substances benefits from staying at a residential treatment center in San Fernando, CA when quitting the habit.

Relevant Statistics

The thought of no longer taking opioid drugs can be scary. However, the overdose risk should be even scarier. The number of annual opiate overdose fatalities in this country climbed to over 100,000 in 2021, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Although seeking treatment might feel embarrassing, it’s crucial to stop taking drugs with such a high overdose rate. This can safely be accomplished at a residential treatment center in San Fernando, CA. The patient needs medically supervised withdrawal and may require medication to safely stop using opioids.

Benefits of Recovery

Once the person contacts a treatment center, he or she has taken the first step toward recovery. Instead of being embarrassed, this individual should feel empowered in making the tough decision. Recovery allows the person to begin living a richer, more rewarding life. Recovery also frees the person from spending so much time trying to find drugs and figuring out how to pay for them. The paramount benefit is no longer being vulnerable to overdose.

Getting Started

Some individuals choose a treatment center near home. Others enroll in a program that’s relatively far away. They believe they’ll make more progress in an entirely different environment. Contact details for one organization are provided at

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