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One of the most challenging tasks a healthcare organization can face is the migration from physical medical records upkeep to electronic Medical Records Indexing. This task can pull a medical team away from what matters most, patient care.

MDabstract is a team of medically trained professionals who understand the importance of reliable, accurate, and organized patient data.

MDabstract offers help to healthcare organizations that are tasked with the painful transition to Medical Records Indexing and upkeep by providing quality services from a medically-trained staff which has built a reputation with over two-hundred partners nationwide.

Some of the key services that MDabstract offers are:

  • Data and EHR migration – migrating clinical data from any legacy source.
  • Ongoing Data Capture – ensuring accurate information while keeping charts up-to-date.
  • Data Mining & Reporting – converting raw data into useful information.
  • Electronic Filing/Indexing – electronically filing all medical documents.

Understanding the challenges of Medical Records Indexing is important to transitioning accurate and reliable data electronically. This organization was founded by medical professionals who transitioned large medical practices into an electronic records platform. MDabstract is here take care of your data by creating an efficient and accurate indexing environment which can help your team maximize productivity and efficiency. Pair this with the cost savings, scalability, and the dedicated project management MDabstract provides, to upgrade your healthcare facility today!

Not sure if you qualify? MDabstract helps many healthcare professionals ranging from hospitals and specialty practices, to sole-practitioners. Just click here to schedule a meeting today!

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