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Middle-Aged in Vancouver? Tips for Building Muscles When You’re Over 40

It’s still possible to build muscle and tone up when you’re over 40. The difference between doing it when you’re 40 and doing it when you’re 20 is that it takes longer and has some differences. Here are some tips you can use.

Eat a Caloric Surplus

If you’re on the small side, you’ll need to take in a caloric surplus of 500 calories a day to bulk up. Think of some healthy things to eat to add to your existing diet. Your body will use the extra calories to nourish itself and add muscle mass to your new attractive body.

Add Plenty of Protein to Your Diet

As you get older, you’ll need more protein for energy, and you’ll need protein to fight fatigue. You will also need more protein to obtain and maintain your muscles. You could invest in some strawberry shortcake protein powder to make some delicious shakes. Strawberry shortcake protein powder is an excellent choice of something sweet that can give you the protein content that you need to consume. One scoop of whey protein can give you 28 grams of protein, which is a huge portion of what you need when you’re exercising every day. Eggs, tuna and Greek yogurt are additional excellent sources of protein. Add them to your diet while you’re working out to add bulk.

Exercise Fewer Times a Week

One extremely important detail about trying to bulk up when you’re over 40 is that you can’t overdo it. You need more time in between exercise sessions to heal from the strain on your muscles and to regenerate. Three exercise sessions per week are ideal. You can wait two days in between one of your sessions and one day in between the rest of them. You will see results rather quickly if you keep yourself hydrated and eat enough protein throughout the day.

Use these tips and see how well they work for you over about 30 days. You may be extremely pleased with the results you get.

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