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PET scans have been used in clinical settings since the 1990s. This test can be used by a physician to diagnose illness and disease in a patient. Here are some of the pros of using mobile PET imaging.

PET scans are effective when it comes to detecting diseases before an individual starts to show symptoms. In comparison to other forms of image testing, PET scans have been able to indicate disease much sooner. This is because they can scan bodily functions using a biochemical process.

It is common for individuals to have a biopsy or for a physician to recommend that an exploratory surgery be conducted. This will help a physician determine how far a disease has spread and provide other information about the individual’s health. While these things may be beneficial, few people like the idea of biopsies and exploratory surgeries. Mobile PET imaging is a good alternative. It studies the metabolic functions of a patient, which may mean that cutting and surgery are unnecessary.

PET scans also have the ability to differentiate between cancerous and noncancerous tumors. This precise medical tool can make giving a precise diagnosis much easier. This allows the patient to know what they are dealing with right from the get-go. It will help the doctor provide the best treatment recommendations. These imaging scans are also effective when it comes to recognizing diseases like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s early on.

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