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Most people take their feet for granted. They don’t realize how fortunate they are. People who have certain health issues, such as diabetes, or who work at jobs that keep them on their feet for hours at a time, will frequently suffer foot pain. When every step is painful, this dramatically impacts someone’s quality and enjoyment of life.

Podiatric Surgery

When a podiatrist recommends Podiatric Surgery in Kenosha WI, they are recommending surgery on the foot and associated structures. The surgery is designed to lessen or remove pain, restore function or correct a deformity. Usually, the surgery is done under a local anesthetic on an out-patient basis. The patient will come in, have the surgery, and go home the same day. Of course, someone should be with the patient to drive home.

A podiatric surgeon is a podiatrist who has received additional training in surgery on the foot and ankle. As such, a podiatric surgeon treats disorders of the bones, joints, and soft tissues.

Toenail Removal

One of the most common surgical procedures is a surgical toenail removal. This is done to correct an ingrown toenail or a problem known as “ram’s horn nails.” The toenail may be partially or completely removed; the doctor may recommend that the toenail is permanently removed. This is a simple procedure, often taking only twenty minutes.

Arthroscopic Foot and Ankle Surgery

Arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery may be also called “keyhole surgery.” The surgery is performed with the use of an arthroscope, a tiny fiber-optic camera. This allows the doctor to see what is happening inside the body. This type of surgery allows the surgeon to perform complex surgeries without the need for large incisions. This shortens recovery time and reduces the risk of infection. The patient experiences less pain after the surgery.

Endoscopic Plantar Fascia Release

This surgical procedure is done to relieve pain caused by inflammation of the plantar fascitis. Cutting the plantar fascia ligament relieves tension. While the majority of those who have this procedure will experience considerable pain relief, about one-quarter of the patients will still experience pain and difficulty walking after the surgery.

Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers are dedicated to offering complete podiatric treatment, including Podiatric Surgery in Kenosha WI. If you want to find out how to once again have comfortable feet, talk to these experienced podiatrists. Contact us to learn more.

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