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You’ve talked to your primary care and therapist and made all the pre-op plans with the surgeon. Your transgender surgery from male to female is scheduled. Now what? You can do some practical things to help prepare for the road ahead. This surgery is a life-changing procedure, and you’ll want to be ready for the next chapter in your life. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

Schedule Laser Hair Removal Procedure

When getting ready for transgender surgery from male to female, you’ll need to remove hair from the scrotum. You can have the hair removed using electrolysis or laser hair removal. You will also need to schedule more than one session to remove all the hair before your surgery date.

Keep in Contact with Your Psychologist

You will need a referral from your psychologist, therapist, or other mental health care professional to be considered for a transgender surgery from male to female. You will also need their ongoing support after the surgery. You may want to set up your post-op appointments to have continued support as you transition.

Take Enough Time off Work for Your Recovery

Schedule the time off that you’re going to need. Recovering from transgender surgery from male to female will require some time and lots of rest. Depending on the physical demands of your job, you’ll need at least one week off, so you have to request it ahead of time. You will need more than one week if your job is physically demanding.

Ready to schedule your transgender surgery from male to female? Visit International Center for Transgender Care for more information.

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