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Our feet take us everywhere we go in this world. So when there’s something wrong with them, we take note.

One of the most common sources of toenail problems Racine WI is a nail fungus. Some straightforward indications of an issue are thickened nail beds, yellowish-brown discoloration, brittle or cracked nails, and foot odor.

Mild foot fungi are usually treatable with over-the-counter medication, but more severe cases should consult a professional diagnosis. Nail fungus left untreated can worsen, which could potentially be detrimental to one’s health.

Over time the fungus could spread, causing discomfort in walking, a reduction in blood circulation, and can even weaken the immune system. Click here for a discussion regarding health risks due to nail fungus.

Podiatrists recommend keeping your feet cleaned and dry, as heavy sweating can create a moist environment where fungi thrive. Also, if you frequent nail shops, make sure they have sanitary methods that would reduce bacterial transfer from other clients. Wear shower shoes in public areas where your bare feet touch the ground, like the gym bathroom, poolsides, and locker rooms, to reduce your foot’s exposure to fungal contact. If your feet are prone to sweating, sprinkle antifungal powders on your feet before putting on fresh cotton socks.

When it comes to toenail problems Racine WI has foot and ankle specialists at Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers. Their extensive training in all matters related to podiatric medicine makes them an ideal provider for foot and ankle care. Click here to learn more.

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