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Relieve Knee Pain with Rf Ablasion Norman

One of the non-surgical procedures completed by centers dedicated to minimally invasive treatments, like Pure Physio, for example, is a radio frequency or Rf Ablasion Strongsville Oh. In addition to patients in Strongsville Oh, the procedures can be completed for patients in the surrounding areas as well, such Edmond, Mustang, and Oklahoma City. The procedure is done on an out-patient basis, and can relieve pain for several months at a time.

The process for the Rf Ablasion Strongsville Oh begins with the patient getting an intravenous (IV) set up and receiving a mild sedative for relaxation. The targets of the procedure are genicular nerves that transmit pain signals from the brain to the knee. Disrupting those nerves results in the pain relief. The physician guides a needle to a nerve, using a fluoroscope machine for accuracy. Once the needle is in the exact position, a thin electrode goes through the needle. The electrode is activated and heats up the nerve, blocking pain signals. The process is completed at two or three different locations on each nerve targeted.

The knee is bandaged, and the patient is monitored for a little while before being released. The knee will feel numb at first, and then pain-free for many months. Since a sedation medication was administered, usually “Versed”, it is recommended the patient does not drive home from the procedure. There may be some swelling at the needle sites, so elevation is suggested for at least one day. Patients interested in this procedure, or those scheduled for it, can go to Pure Physio to view an instructional video, and read a detailed brochure. That will help patients better understand what to expect.

Other procedures and treatments offered include epidural steroid injections, facet joint blocks, nerve conduction studies, spinal cord stimulator implantation, and platelet rich plasma injections. Restorative rehabilitation services may include diagnostic discography, and adipose derived stem cell therapies. Surgery is an option for some pain management issues, chronic spinal conditions, impaired mobility, and stiff joints, but it is not desired by all patients. Knee Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh can be managed without surgery, as can most conditions, chronic illnesses, and mobility challenges.

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