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SculpSure Laser Treatment in Maui: Eliminate Unwanted Bulges Forever

A problem many women encounter when they lose weight is realizing they have reached their weight goal but are still carrying unwanted extra inches. It is not just vanity that leads to frustration over this issue. When curves are larger than expected or not in a desirable area it is almost impossible to find clothing that fits comfortably. Doctors know why this happens and solutions like SculpSure laser treatment in Maui are now available to help.

Why it Happens

Fat cells develop in the body during childhood and the amount of these cells remain throughout life. No cell in the body lasts forever and even fat cells eventually die. The average person loses about 10 percent of their adipocytes (fat cells) each year. Unfortunately, fresh new cells take their place.

Why Diets Fail

Healthy diets and exercise help people to lose weight and look smaller because the cells shrink. Someone that was once overweight and is now thin has just as many fat cells as before. This is why it is so easy to regain weight too. All fat cells have memory and are able to get large faster when they have been large before.

What Actually Works

Extra inches in undesirable areas are caused by a natural tendency of the individual to have more fat cells in those areas. Exercise will not shrink a belly or thighs beyond a certain point. Fat cells cannot be strengthened and toned like a muscle. The solution is a treatment like SculpSure Laser Treatment in Maui. Laser contouring treatments do not shrink fat cells. These systems remove the cells completely and since they are not naturally dying they do not regenerate. The result is the removal of fat pockets and fewer fat cells in problem areas.

Women can regain weight after undergoing a contouring treatment if they fail to keep up their healthy lifestyle. However, they will discover that the weight is not gained in the same areas it was once located. Contact us if the lack of success in reaching a size goal is causing frustration. There is no reason to give up when a solution is waiting.

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