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Smartlipo: A Simple and Effective Fat Melting Procedure by Cosmetic Surgeries Oahu in HI

Visible signs of aging can sneak up. To reverse the changes the body goes through with age or weight gain, Cosmetic Surgeries Oahu HI is the way to go. Smartlipo is a new movement in cosmetic surgery. It’s a procedure that melts away fat in stubborn areas that diet and exercise are resistant to. A laser guided device breaks down adipose cells and turns it into an oil based solution that the body absorbs and gets rid of naturally. This is a conservative way to get rid of fat that makes the parts of the body affected by it disproportionate to other parts. Those with minor weight gain with areas of fat that won’t budge to diet and exercise would get great results from this procedure.

Here’s how Cosmetic Surgeries Oahu HI for Smartlipo is done. A tiny needle is sent through a cannula in the skin. The cannula leads the needle to the site areas where fat needs to be dissolved. Next, the laser light is transmitted through the cannula. The fat cells burst as a reaction to the laser heat. That’s not all that improves. The skin tightens and reduces the sight of cellulite. This is a great medical break-through since cellulite affects so many with no solution that ever produced real results. Since it’s done right under the surface of the skin in the presence of collagen, cellulite disappears at a much higher rate than with topical applications. There’s little discomfort with the use of local anesthesia. A special anesthetic formula is used that minimizes inflammation and bruises. Patients see half of their results right away. Half of the fat cells liquefy instantly. The rest of the fat cells disappear progressively in six to eight weeks.

Smartlipo has been mastered since it first began. Treatment entailed more than one session at first. Now most patients get the results they want the first time. Patients who undergo this procedure can be treated in as many areas on the body as they see fit. Doctors can spend up to three hours treating the targeted areas. Patients are sent home with instructions to use a compression garment for one or two days. Compression garments hold a gauze in place that absorbs fluid released from the site where the cannula was inserted. Call The Ferguson Clinic to schedule an appointment.

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