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The Importance of a Vet Clinic in Leawood, KS

Bringing your pets to a vet clinic is not only critical for their continued health and happiness, but could also be the only way to ensure they never feel unnecessary pain or discomfort due to an untreated illness. Cats and dogs are especially susceptible to illnesses commonly considered to only be suffered by humans, such as kidney disease and obesity, but it is quite common for a pet to experience such situations. A professional will not only help you make the best decisions for the happiness of your pet, but could also catch a serious problem early enough to treat if you remember to bring your pet in for regular checkups.


Cancer is a silence assassin, and it is uncommon for a cat or dog to show the signs of trouble until the tumor or tumors have become serious. Regular checkups at a vet clinic in Leawood, KS are partially set up so your veterinarian can look for such issues before they become too advanced to treat. It is heartbreaking when a dog or cat is diagnosed with a terminal illness, but it is possible, just as it is possible in humans, to catch the issue early enough for surgery or medication.


Regular checkups at a facility such as Cherokee Animal Clinic will also ensure your animal companion is given their regular vaccinations, as required both by the state and for their health. Rabies is still a serious problem that will eventually lead to death and cause an otherwise gentle animal to act wildly out of character near the end of the disease cycle. Regular vaccinations will prevent such a tragic situation and keep your pet protected from infection from the start.

Spay and Neuter

Owning any animal that will spend some or all of its time in contact with members of its own species will require that you spay or neuter the animal. This will not only protect you from any sudden pregnancies, but will also help keep wild animal populations down and help prevent aggression in male dogs and cats. A vet clinic can help you perform this surgery and keep your animals happy and healthy.

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