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Thousands Suffer With Burning Feet – Burning Treatments in Joliet IL Will Help

Many people think that foot problems seem to creep up them. Some do, while others come about from wearing the wrong size shoe, arthritis, tendonitis, heel spurs or bunions. Sitting on a bench at the local mall, watching people as they walk by, offers some insight into how badly their feet are hurting. Ask anyone suffering from diabetes, and dealing with feet that burn constantly, how they finally get to sleep at night? They may apply creams, watch their diet, take their medications and give themselves insulin shots, but their feet still burn.

A diabetic must take special care of their feet, and many times they have to make an appointment with a team of experts from the Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL to finally get some relief from the agony they’re experiencing. These professionals have years of experience helping patients who are suffering from a malady called neuropathy.

They offer Burning Treatments in Joliet IL after they do a thorough examination of the patient. Since many ailments can mimic other ailments, it’s necessary for the specialist to complete examinations, X-rays and lab tests to determine exactly what the patient is suffering from.

When patients receive the Burning Treatments in Joliet IL, it may take awhile for them to work. The physicians will combine other methods of treatments, such as cortisone injections along with orthotics placed inside shoes to give the feet needed support while the patient is standing and walking.

The doctor may also want to do an MRI of the foot to find abnormalities such as neuromas and stress fractures. They also schedule their patients to have nerve conductive studies, plus CT scans to see if they can locate the cause of the pain. Visit website for more details.

After they make their diagnosis, the patient may begin Burning Treatments in Joliet IL, which will most likely include cortisone injections to shrink swelling, which alleviates much pain, massaging the foot, pain medication, and orthotics to help relieve pain. All of these are beneficial, but every patient needs to realize that they may still experience pain during and after the treatments.

The doctor will go over the results of the initial testing, what the patient can expect during treatment and what the patient can do on his/her own that will help them deal with the burning pain in their feet.

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