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The continuous positive airway pressure device – or CPAP machine – is one of the best and most common treatments for obstructive Sleep Apnea. CPAP products vary by intended use, but in general, they consist of a mask worn by a patient while sleeping that is attached to a machine by tubing that provides positive pressure to their airway to allow for continuous, unobstructed breathing during sleep. These machines are incredibly useful and can be life-saving, but also have tendencies to malfunction or not deliver optimum results when used improperly. Here are some tips for avoiding common problems with your CPAP machine.

Get the Right Mask

One of the most common complaints in wearing a CPAP machine is the feel of the mask. A CPAP mask should fit snugly, but not be uncomfortable. If it is, you may be wearing the wrong size or style for your face shape.

When shopping for your CPAP products, consult a medical supplier or website that offers multiple options for consumers of various sizes, preferences and needs. US Med provides patients with a place to obtain their CPAP devices and accessories, as well as a variety of different styles and models for shoppers to browse when considering a change in mask.

Adapting to Wearing Your Machine

Wearing a CPAP mask is difficult to adjust to for many first-time users. Whether it’s a feeling of claustrophobia while wearing the device or an inability to sleep because of the noise the device creates, many issues can be addressed by practicing with the device during waking hours. The more familiar with your machine you become, the easier using it during the night will be!

Avoiding Side Effects

When the incorrect device accessories are used, wearers can suffer uncomfortable side effects from wearing their mask. These can include skin issues, sores, dry mouth, stuffy or itchy nose and more. To address these issues, return to your search for the correct size or style of mask, and be certain you are wearing your device properly and as directed. Additionally, you may just require more time to adjust to wearing your CPAP products. Eventually, with some practice and time, you will get used to the quirks of sleeping with the device and get better, more restful sleep.

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