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In order to keep your pet absolutely healthy you need to find a local veterinary hospital in Chicago. They can offer you a plethora of services meant to keep your pet in great shape. It all starts with regular health examinations for your pet. In general, this type of examination can help detect any medical problems in its early stages so it can be handled immediately. Periodic checkups also reassure you as a pet owner, that no problems exist. When you start preventative care with either your kitten or puppy your taking the best possible steps to help your pet remain healthy as they become older.

Use a Veterinary Hospital with Surgical Services

Although it’s not a very comfortable thought, there could come a day when your pet need surgery. It’s better to use a veterinary hospital that offer surgical services from the very beginning. This way your pet will be acclimated to the facility as well as the staff and vet who may have to perform an advance surgery. Veterinary hospitals that have experienced surgical teams can offer you the best possible treatment for your pet. Veterinary surgical procedures can include orthopedic procedures and CO2 laser procedures that use laser beams. It is also helpful if they offer services such as digital radiographic diagnostics that are painless and non-invasive. This will give your vet the chance to study your pet’s internal organs as well as their skeletal system without any surgery.

Check to See If In-House Laboratory Services Are Offered

A veterinary hospital that offers in house laboratory services can provide you with immediate and accurate results. Besides blood work they can provide you with assorted chemistry panels, individual chemistry testing, cytology, electrolyte panels and urinalyses. They can also detect if your pet is suffering from any other types of illnesses or diseases through Parvo, Giardia, heartworm, pancreatitis, parasite and Felv/FIV screenings. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic laboratory services or visit for more information.

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