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Undergoing Treatment at the Ketamine Treatments Centers in Kansas City

Chronic depression is one of the most challenging mental health conditions to treat. While many people respond well to antidepressants and talk therapy, other patients require more in-depth treatment.

When traditional treatment has not worked for you, you could find relief from your worst depression symptoms by undergoing care at one of the ketamine treatments centers in Kansas City. You can be an active part of your own recovery by anticipating the treatment that lies ahead of you.

Full Toxicology Screening

When you check into one of the ketamine treatments centers in Kansas City, you will undergo a complete toxicology screening to find out what medications and other substances that are in your body. The doctors treating you must know what kinds of drugs, legal or not, that you take. They must ensure that the ketamine will not interfere with anything that you have put in your body.

The screening will require you to have blood drawn at the treatment facility. You cannot undergo the IV therapy until your toxicology report comes back from the lab.

IV Therapy

The ketamine that is administered to you will go through an IV inserted into your arm. During that time, you will remain under observation in a treatment room. Your nurse will monitor you to determine whether or not the medication is working or having ill side effects on your health.

You can learn more about the ketamine treatments centers in Kansas City online. Contact Ketamine Centers of Chicago

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