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Understanding Runner’s Knee

A common injury that active people experience is something called runner’s knee. But do you really know what this is, or how sports medicine in Chicago may be able to help the condition? If not, you can learn more here.

Runner’s Knee Explained

The official term for the condition commonly called runner’s knee is patellofemoral pain syndrome. It is an issue that usually responds quite well to physiotherapy treatment. The pain associated with this condition typically occurs under or around the knee-cap (patella) and can be due to it not tracking the right way in its groove.

Risk Factors Affecting How the Patella Tracks

There are a few common risk factors that affects the way your patella tracks. These include the following:

* Position of the foot
* Pelvis and hip control
* The muscles that are around the knee

What Causes Runner’s Knee?

There are several factors that may lead to a case of runner’s knee that would result in the need for treatment from sports medicine in Chicago professionals.  One of the biggest factors is changes in load. This may be related to the intensity or volume of your training. Another factor is biomechanics. This relates to the way you move. Other risk factors include footwear and the training surface. Regardless of the cause, if you suspect runner’s knee, it is a good idea to seek treatment right away so the issue doesn’t cause additional issues or damage.

There are several treatment options available for helping cases of runner’s knee. It is a good idea to speak to someone in the sports medicine in Chicago field to know what the options are and which ones are right for you. Unfortunately, if a case of runner’s knee continues on without treatment, it may result in serious or permanent damage. Thanks to innovative technology, there are a number of ways to reduce the pain and issues associated with this condition.

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