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There are many reasons for an adult, teenager, or child to visit an eye doctor and this should be done at least once a year simply to ensure that the eyes are healthy and not deteriorating over time. Some people develop certain vision problems as they age, eventually causing them to need eyeglasses whenever they read or a special type of glasses to reduce glare when driving. Whatever your condition, there are a number of signs that might indicate that you require medical help from a specialist who can help you to find the source of the problem and offer treatment.


If you are beginning to experience pain in one or both eyes, you should visit an eye doctor in Wichita, KS at your earliest convenience. If that pain is beginning to increase in intensity and duration, it is better that you go sooner rather than later as you could have an infection or any number of other conditions that will only become worse with time. In many cases, the cause is little more than dry eye, which can be solved rather easily, but it could also indicate an injury, condition such as glaucoma, cornea damage, or even cancer of the eye.


Click here to learn more about your options and to determine whether or not it is time for you to visit an eye doctor this year. One sign that you are in need of stronger corrective lenses is if you find yourself squinting at everything you see, especially if it is more so at objects that are close or very far away. If you have children, be sure that you have their sight examined every year. This is especially important if you notice them squinting at things to see them more clearly, which is an indication that they need corrective lenses.

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