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What Happens When Your Pet Needs Emergency Care?

If your pet becomes ill or is injured after many vets have closed for the day, there are a few tips to help you prepare for a visit to an emergency vet in Chicago.

Always be prepared in the event of an emergency:

Medications: If your pet is taking medications for whatever reason make sure you refill the prescription a day or two before it runs out. Your pet is on medication for a good reason, if you discontinue them prior to completion of the course there may be unexpected consequences.

Have the number handy: In the event there is an emergency this is not the time to start looking for the emergency vets phone number, make sure you post it where you can find it quickly.

Medical records: Make sure you know where the medical records for your pet are kept; this is especially true if the animal is being treated for a specific illness. When you have immediate access to these records you will be able to provide the emergency vet in Chicago with all that which is necessary.

In the event your pet is staying with friends while you are away make sure they know who to call and you should have already decided how the emergency care will be paid for.

Taking your pet to the emergency vet:

To avoid any unnecessary delay in beginning the treatment you should:

Call ahead: Let the vet know you are on your way. Answer any questions the staff ask, in this way they can be prepared to deal with the situation upon your arrival.

Be ready to deal with a wait: Actually, waiting is good news, the longer the wait the better chance the problem is not as serious as you first thought. An animal hospital is like a hospital for humans, the patients are triaged with the most serious cases being treated first.

If it is necessary to leave the pet behind, make sure the emergency vet in Chicago has your complete contact details. You will want to be kept abreast of any changes in the pet’s condition.

You never know when your pet will become ill or suffer an injury, when this happens you will need the professional services of an emergency vet in Chicago. You are welcome to contact the Metropolitan Veterinary Center, open seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm. Follow us on twitter.

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