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84.6 percent of adults visited a health care professional in the last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. That means a lot of people still choose a primary physician to help them oversee their health.

If you’re on the fence, trying to decide whether you need one or not, here’s why it’s an excellent idea.

They treat your family

The best thing about picking a Primary Care Physician in Dunnellon for a primary care physician is that you end up with someone who doesn’t just treat you but your family as well. Seeing the same doctor makes it easier for you to schedule and keep appointments for members of your family.

They follow your life cycle

Your doctor is often in the best position to follow your life cycle. Seeing the same doctor for years or even decades means more than building a long-term relationship with your Primary Care Physician in Dunnellon. They can treat a wide range of conditions, which makes them the ideal doctor for any point in your life.

They know your history

One of the best things about having a primary care physician is the history. Your doctor has treated you or your family for years. That makes your doctor an expert on your medical history so s/he’s more likely to see red flags in case you react to certain medications.

They monitor your health

Your doctor can monitor the way your health has changed over the years. That makes it easier for your personal physician to spot signs or symptoms of possible conditions like cancer. The sooner your doctors catch those signs or symptoms, the sooner tests can be done to help diagnose your condition accurately. With early detection and treatment, you can look forward to better chances of recovery.

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