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Benefits of Sport Massage in Honolulu, HI

For some people heading to a massage therapist is more than just an opportunity to relax. Athletes often rely on regular Sport massage in Honolulu HI to recover from injuries and to help them perform at peak levels. This is understandable. The degree of muscle tension that builds up over the course of a serious work-out or game can be extreme, and the resulting over-extension and overuse can lead to minor injuries if it is not addressed.

One form of muscle pain that impacts nearly all athletes at some point in their careers is known commonly as DOMS. This acronym stands for delayed-onset muscle soreness, and it is the result of repeated muscle movements. The associated effects can range from mild soreness to debilitating pain, but studies have shown that targeted massage is often an effective preventative treatment in healthy athletes.

Lack of flexibility, linked to chronic muscle tightness, has also been linked to muscle soreness. In addition it predisposes athletes to pulled muscles, torn muscles, and other injuries. Most of the pain caused by limited flexibility and tight muscles is due to poor blood flow through the area, which sport massages help to alleviate.

In healthy athletes sport massages should be used both before athletic events or serious practices or workouts and after. Some athletes also receive maintenance massages in between competitions. These massages are not quite the same as the form used to treat existing injuries Preventative massages focus on warming up the athlete’s frequently used muscles, improving blood flow and flexibility. A pre-event massage can also help athletes to increase mental clarity and reach their full potential during games. Post-event massages are focused on recovery. They can help to reduce muscle spasms and soreness, keeping athletes pain-free and in great shape.

If an athlete does become injured, he or she will likely see a massage therapist as part of regular rehabilitation. These massages also focus on increasing blood flow to the affected area, reducing tension, and improving muscle flexibility, although typically different techniques and amounts of pressure are applied. Interested in finding a professional massage therapist for regular Sport massage in Honolulu HI?

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