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What Are The Benefits Of A Thai Massage In Oahu HI?

Thai massage is a modern trend that stems from an ancient healing practice based on Ayurvedic principles, yoga stretches, and acupressure. In general, the receiver of the massage remains fully clothed while the massage therapist manipulates his or her body by pulling, stretching, and pressing on the limbs and muscle tissue. There are several benefits of a Thai Massage in Oahu HI.


A Thai massage can provide a deep sense of relaxation. The movements are slow, and the gentle pressure and yoga-style positions release tension throughout the body, leaving the client with a sense of peace. One study demonstrated that Thai massage was an effective stress relief method for children with autism. Many people nowadays turn to Thai massage for stress relief and find that they are able to sleep better and cope better with the pressures of daily life.


Because a Thai massage involves stretching, it can improve flexibility and lead to a greater range of motion in the joints, especially after several sessions. Some people find that Thai massage eases joint pain, which also helps them increase their overall mobility. Martial artists and other types of athletes often rely on Thai massage to stay limber.

Energy Flow

A Thai massage is based on the concept of energy meridians or pathways in the body that carry chi, or energy. In both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, it is believed that illness occurs when energy is blocked. By stimulating acupressure points in a Thai massage, stagnant energy can be released, leading to a greater feeling of well-being for the client.

Blood Circulation

Along with the flow of energy, a Thai massage can also increase the flow of blood in the veins. By putting pressure on a part of the body and releasing it, the massage therapist causes blood to flow into the area that was compressed. Other massage techniques promote the flow of lymph fluid, which can help to lower blood pressure. Improved blood flow is also associated with relief from migraines and tension headaches.

Other potential benefits of Thai massage include lower blood sugar, ability to maintain a healthy weight, and even sharper thinking. Click here for more information about Thai Massage in Oahu. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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