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Every year, many patients die from careless medical errors. Of course, these deaths would’ve been avoidable with a little caution. Thus, as a physician assistant, you have to make sure you use the utmost care at all times. Follow these tips to make sure that your safety procedures are up to par.

Stray Away From Giving Advice

As a physician assistant, it is not your role to provide medical advice. You have probably been told this many times, but patients are unlikely to understand. Therefore, you may get hounded with questions from patients and family members. You have to resist the urge to give information without the attending physician’s consent. Instead, try to provide empathy and comfort to patients to help them through their difficult time.

Practice Proper Sterilization

Opportunistic infections are one of the big dangers of any medical facility. As a physician assistant, it is your job to make sure that equipment and surfaces are clean at all times. Thus, you should always keep an eye out for potential sources of contamination. Be sure to sterilize equipment as a physician assistant safety measure.

Be Careful With Waste

There’s no doubt that medical environments produce a lot of dangerous waste products. Physician assistant safety procedures require the proper disposal of these objects. Needs and sharp items must be placed into specially designed containers. It is also important to empty waste disposal containers on a regular basis. By doing so, you’ll ensure a clean, safe environment for everyone.

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