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How to Recover from Neck Strain after a Car Accident

If your car was rear-ended by another vehicle, then your body will probably feel the physical impact from the hit. This impact can cause your head to jerk back and forward. The pain from this injury is hard to ignore because of feeling it with every movement. It is time to contact a car accident pain treatment Lake City program for relief.

What is a Neck Strain?

A neck strain is often referred to as whiplash. It occurs from the blow to the body that causes the neck to snap back and forward. This force causes the tendons and muscles in your neck to stretch and tear. Some people have a problem overcoming the injury because of lingering symptoms.

What Symptoms to Look Out For?

Pain is the most common symptom. It feels like a tightness in your neck and decreases your range of motion. You will feel pain when moving your head from side to side or backward and forward. Some accident victims even experience headaches. They also tend to seek out car accident pain treatment Lake City programs to get back to normal.

Apply Ice

You will find immediate relief by applying ice to your neck area. The ice should be wrapped in a towel to prevent damage to your skin. This treatment reduces pain and swelling.

It helps to talk to a medical provider to find long-term relief from your injury. Treatment plans are more complex than just taking pain medication. You may want to consider massage therapy, ultrasound and more.

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