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If you have a dog or cat, you need to make sure that it has the best care for all of its life. After all, your pet is part of your household. Therefore, the veterinarian clinic you choose makes a big difference. Not only should the facility offer advanced treatment options, it should be located conveniently close to you. Learning about the services that they offer is your first priority.

CO2 Laser Surgeries

For example, one veterinary service in Joppa, MD involves surgery using a CO2 laser. The unique device uses a laser beam of light to vaporize cells in tissues – simultaneously cutting and coagulating. This type of advanced technology not only controls bleeding, or hemostasis, but cuts the tissue while sealing the animal’s nerve endings. In turn, your pet will feel more comfortable and suffer less from post-operative pain.

This veterinary service permits you to have a cat humanely declawed, and may be used for procedures, such as skin growth and tumor removals, mastectomies, lip surgeries, and amputations. While reviewing advanced technologies, you also want to check a veterinarian’s procedures for anesthesia. The clinic should make safety its number one priority. Therefore, anesthetic protocols should be customized to each individual animal’s needs.

Pulse Oximetry Measurements

Make sure the clinic that offers this veterinary service uses pulse oximetry, which measures oxygen levels in the blood, EKG, and blood pressure tracking, as indicated. Heating pads should also be used during each surgical procedure.

It is also important to ensure your animal’s dental care is managed. Pets should have their teeth scaled and cleaned or have major or minor extractions performed. During dental procedures, it helps to include a warm air blanket to maintain the dog or cat’s body temperature while under anesthesia. Use of the blanket results in quicker recovery times.

If you would like to find a veterinarian practice that uses these types of processes, first check with a clinic, such as Chadwell Animal Hospital, online. Make an appointment if you have not yet taken your pet to a veterinarian’s office.

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