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Good health should never be taken for granted. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of seeing a physician when they need this person the most. While this sounds far-fetched, it certainly is not. Too many times someone who believes that they may have caught an “STD” or sexually transmitted disease is frightened of speaking with a medical professional for all the wrong reasons.

Both men and women are afraid that their names will be made public or that their family members will be alerted. For young men and women, this can become a point of shame and embarrassment. They do not want their families to be aware of their sex lives and may believe that they will be turned away from the very people they love if they test positive for a disease.

The good news for anyone who believes that they may have picked up a sexually transmitted disease is that STD Testing in Orange Park FL is both private and confidential. The doctors and nurses that work with patients are highly trained to deal with sensitive subjects. At no time do they wish to intrude on a patient’s private life and make them feel uncomfortable.

On the contrary, with STD Testing in Orange Park FL the results are kept private, and all consultations are held in the highest confidence. A patient and their physician can work together to study the results of any tests that are taken. The doctor is then able to chart a course of action that can involve medication and if necessary, further therapies.

Avecina Medical of Orange Park FL is well experienced in working with prospective patients who may have sexually transmitted diseases. This health center has made it their mission to work with people who may feel threatened by traditional hospitals and clinics. No question goes unanswered, no matter whether it pertains to a physical problem or an insurance form that needs to fill out correctly.

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