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When some people have problems with their feet, they either ignore the problem, or they use ice, heat, or rest hoping it will feel better. What these people should be doing is going to see a Podiatrist in Kenosha WI. There are several symptoms and problems that a podiatrist can treat. Some of these conditions are related to systemic diseases; that can lead to something more serious.


If a person is having pain in their foot or ankle, they don’t need to suffer. A Podiatrist in Kenosha WI can treat blisters, bunions, heel pain, heel spurs, broken bones, wounds, and swelling. All of these can make walking difficult, therefore, the sooner the individual is treated, the better.

Skin Irritation or Discoloration

Both of a person’s feet should look the same and be the same color. If not, they should be checked out by a podiatrist. They could have gout, an infection, vein problems, or inadequate blood flow. These are all problems that should be treated right away.

Skin irritation is also a common problem that people have with their feet. One common cause of the skin irritation is Athlete’s Foot. This is a condition that will not go away on its own and needs medication prescribed by a podiatrist.

Numbness or Tingling

If a person’s feet start burning or tingling, they should see a podiatrist as soon as possible. These are symptoms of neuropathy, which can be caused by diabetes or another condition that needs to be monitored regularly.

Changes to the Shape of the Foot

If the shape of an individual’s foot has changed, it could be that the tendons are not functioning properly. When this happens, the bones can eventually become misaligned, which can lead to arthritis in the joints. This is a permanent problem, therefore, as soon as the problem is detected, the individual should see a podiatrist.


If a person has a growth on their foot, such as a blister, corn, wart, or bunion, it can be painful and unattractive. These are all conditions that can be treated in just a few visits to the podiatrist.

For more information on podiatrists and the conditions that they can treat, browse this site.

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