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During each visit, the pediatrician notes in the child’s health record all the information concerning him/her. Over the years, the pediatrician will build closer ties of trust with the child and its parents. This type of care is the same for each Primary Care Service in EL Cajon.

Pediatrics and the role it plays

Every pediatrician plays a special and privileged role with each child and their family. Their exclusive practice in the service of child health enables them to quickly detect and manage situations that are sometimes serious or, on the contrary, to de-dramatize certain benign situations which sometimes cause parents to worry. Their training and daily experience make each doctor a specialist when it comes to focusing solely on each child.

What skills are needed to become a pediatrician?

Working with children can be tiring: pediatricians must endure long work days and be available day or night. It is, therefore, essential to love children and to feel at ease with infants. Doctors must also be able to reassure parents no matter what.

They may be confronted with difficult situations (hospitalization, the discovery of serious pathologies, etc.) and must be tactful and delicate when explaining very technical terms to parents. Young patients do not always know how to express the origin of their pain, so the pediatrician must be patient and very attentive. The part of Pediatrics that caters to toddlers is called neonatology.

The pediatrician, in addition to an obstetrician, is there to diagnose and treat possible pathologies of the infant from birth.

Comparing pediatrics and primary care services

The work of a pediatrician does not resemble that of an adult doctor. They are interested in how the body develops from birth to adulthood. Pediatric patients, when it comes to small children, may not be able to express the pain they’re in, etc.

The diagnosis given is the result of attention, listening, and observation. A Primary Care Service in EL Cajon thinks the same way, but it is easier for an adult to express things than it is for a child. To help the doctor evaluate a problem, he or she needs the parents to help interpret the child’s actions or crying.

Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) is the only medical network in San Diego County and southern Riverside specializing solely in children’s health from birth through age 18. For more information visit

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