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Are you expecting a baby in the coming year? If so, you’ve probably thought of every detail from baby names to bottle brands. But have you stopped to consider whether you are taking care of yourself adequately while you are carrying your child?

Here are some tips for having an easier, healthier pregnancy – and a happier postpartum period, as a result!

Feed Your Body Right

From taking your prenatal vitamins daily to ensuring you have adequate hydration and nutrition, fueling your body during pregnancy not only benefits your baby. It keeps you strong and keeps your energy up, which will help your body continue the hard work of growing a new baby!

Avoid Bad Habits

Not only should you avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy, but you should also avoid those who are still indulging in these less-than-healthy habits. Secondhand smoke can be dangerous for both your health and that of your unborn baby.

Avoid Sun Exposure

It may sound odd, but overheating and sunburn are both more common in pregnant women. Avoid both by staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen during your pregnancy.

Bring On the Checkups

Pregnancy can take a lot out of your body. From sapping your dental health to your mental health, there are many ways that new mothers don’t expect to be overwhelmed by pregnancy but often are. See your dentist, your counselor, your massage therapist or other practitioners as normal during your Morris County pregnancy. Prioritize self-care to ensure a better, safer delivery when your baby arrives.

Take It Easy on Yourself

It is easy to be critical of everything during your pregnancy. From your own unhealthy habits to those of others, it is a time to be extra vigilant about what enters both your body and home. But it’s okay to relax those rules now and then, too. Eat an extra slice of cake or stay up late one night to watch your favorite show. Your baby will be just fine – and you’ll enjoy life while pregnant just a little bit more!

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