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Treating Vein and Vascular Disorders in Schaumburg

Most of us have seen someone with varicose veins, spider veins or other vascular disorders. Mostly unsightly, advanced cases of these conditions can lead to pain and reduce use of the legs which can have a huge impact on an individual. This is why many people are looking for vein treatment in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas.

Venous Function

The veins and arteries travel throughout the body and bring oxygen rich blood to all the parts of the body and move de-oxygenated blood back to the lungs and heart. This process is a continual cycle that completes itself 3 times a minute or more than 4,000 times in a day. The human circulatory system can handle the work load and the stress and pressure out on it but it can become damaged, especially as we age and this is what leads to conditions like vein disorders.

Why Pregnancy Increases Risk

Pregnancy greatly boosts the chance for varicose and spider veins for several reasons. The circulating hormone progesterone impacts cell wall strength and weakens the veins and makes them more likely to bleed or be damaged. The additional blood from the fetus must be pumped by the mother’s heart and circulated through her body so this adds to the pressure on her veins as well. Also, the added weight gain of pregnancy further stresses the vascular system and makes vein issues more common.  Fortunately, almost all cases of varicose or spider veins will clear up in the month following pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a big life change and it impacts the mother in many ways. One of them is the added stress and work that must be carried by her vascular system and the resulting side effects that come from this.  For the best in vein treatment in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas, contact Veins Without Surgery today!

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