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When Should My Child Go to the Hospital?

Children under the age of four make up a staggering 10 percent of the estimated 115 million emergency room visits across the US each year. The most common reasons for these visits by the very young include: respiratory illness and fever, followed by injuries and vomiting/diarrhea. All new parents have asked the question about whether or not they should head to the ER at least once, so here are some pointers to help you decide if you need to head to pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad:

Immediate Treatments

  • Airway: Obviously if you child I choking and cannot breathe emergency help must immediately be given. Parents are encouraged to becomes certified in CPR to help them prepare for such situations.
  • Breathing: If your child is obviously struggling to draw in breath or to exhale then they need immediate help.  Likewise, is they are taking rapid shallow breaths or their breathing is noise with high pitch sounds or wheezing then it is important they get help right away as these breathing conditions can quickly turn worse.
  • Circulation: Referring to blood as well as fluid in general, any child who has an injury that has bene bleeding for more than a few minutes or who has been sick and unable to drink or keep liquids down will have problems with circulation and need immediate help. If your child’s skin looks pale and they feel cold and clammy to the touch or have no tears when they cry they are dehydrated and need immediate help.
  • Disability: Any child who is having seizures, passes out, blacks out after hitting their head, or any child with a severe medical condition or disorder who has a bad flare up needs to be seen as soon as possible to be diagnosed and treated and to ensure no other damage has been done or to check for any secondary conditions or problems.

It is hard on any parent to see their child sick and not feeling good and it is even more difficult to know whether to wait and help your or to take them to be seen at pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad right away. One leader in childhood pediatric care and treatment is Children’s Primary Care Medical Group. Contact them today to set up your first appointment and to get to know the doctors and staff!

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