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Uncomfortable with Your Body? Water Lipo Can Be the Solution You Need

Not everyone is happy with their body, they often have specific areas that people wish they could fix. From a bulging tummy to thick thighs, fat cells deposit in the body to create the problem areas that people want to remove. Genetics, sudden weight gain, medication, or pregnancies can result in extra fatty tissues in the body. While some issues may be resolved with dieting and exercises, it can be difficult to rid the body of that last bit of fat people do not want. This can leave the person feeling self-conscious about their body, they may not select to wear certain clothing due to the extra fat cells. Water Lipo in Chicago can be the answer that a person may be looking for to help them obtain the shape they desire.

What is Water Lipo

Water lipo in Chicago is a type of liposuction that uses a stream of water to help dislocate fat cells that can be washed out of the body. This technique is a minimally invasive method of extracting fat from the body that requires local anesthesia. This practice is a safe method of removing the unwanted fat to shape the body because it does not have the traumatic impact other types of liposuction do. Patients that select this type of liposuction experience virtually no pain and a decreased amount of bleeding.  A gentler method, it lowers the down time people will experience after having the procedure completed.

Improve Your General Appearance by Consulting a Surgeon Today

At Chicagoland Aesthetics, they offer board-certified surgeons that stay on top of the latest techniques and technology available to help correct a patient’s problem areas. One of their talented doctors will consult with you to help determine if you could benefit from water lipo. They will answer any questions or concerns that you may have to make sure you are fully educated on the technique and what to expect.

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