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Using Kyphoplasty to Repair Fractured Vertebra

Severe trauma, such as due to a car accident or a bad fall, can cause a variety of problems, including compression fractures in the spine. Not only can these fractures be painful, but they can also cause a variety of other issues if left untreated. There is, however, a procedure called Kyphoplasty in Port Jefferson, NY, meant to alleviate pain and prevent further problems from occurring in terms of compression fractures. Here is some more information about the procedure.

How it Works

During this surgery, tiny incisions are made in the back, where special tubes are put into the fractured vertebra. X-ray imaging allows this to be done without opening the patient up completely. Balloons are inserted into the vertebra through the tubes, and then inflated with liquid. This will help restore the vertebra to its original size and shape. Once the vertebra is back to normal, the balloons are deflated and bone cement is inserted to repair the vertebra. Since the cement hardens in minutes, the entire procedure is relatively quick.


Recovery from Kyphoplasty in Port Jefferson, NY, is quick due to the noninvasive method. Patients can generally get up and start walking soon after they wake up from the anesthesia. Many are discharged from the hospital a day after the procedure and most can get off of pain medications within a week after the surgery. Sometimes, physical therapy may be needed to strengthen the spinal muscles. This can usually begin within two weeks after the surgery.

Reasons to Do It

There are many reasons that this surgery may need to be done on a patient. In addition to the possibility of trauma, compression fractures can also occur from osteoporosis, multiple myeloma, metastatic carcinoma and more. This procedure has varying results among patients, especially depending on the kind of condition that caused the fractures, however it is overall a great way to reduce pain and prevent further problems down the line from the compressed vertebra.

Potential Complications

As with any surgery, there are some risks of complications. It is important to follow up with your doctor if you continue to have pain that medication cannot help, or if you are unable to stand or walk. These can be signs of further collapse in the repaired vertebra, and intervention may be necessary.

Receiving Kyphoplasty in Port Jefferson, NY, should be a consideration if you have recently experienced trauma that caused compression fractures, or if you are experiencing persistent pain in your back that may be caused by compression fractures. Be sure to speak to your doctor about treatment options for your back pain. Contact Business Name.

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