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Why Stressed Out Clients Routinely Book a Professional Foot Massage in Oahu, HI

Nurses, waitresses and retail professionals are just some of the workers who rely on massages to soothe aching feet. Many routinely book appointments with experts like Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage. Skilled therapists use gentle, restorative reflexology. Foot massage in Oahu HI not only relaxes clients but offers a variety of health benefits.

Reflexology and Foot Health

Modern specialists who offer reflexology use the same methods that have been practiced for centuries. Their art is based on the principle that the foot’s reflex joints affect many parts of the body. During the massage, experts treat ankles, soles, toes and the upper foot. They apply pressure using their hands, fingers, or just the thumb. Foot massage in Oahu HI stimulates and relaxes feet, which relieves pain. It also promotes overall well-being.

Massages Can Improve Moods

It may seem surprising, but thousands of people schedule foot massages when they are feeling down. Many find help after visiting websites like and choosing a “Click here” section that outlines massage benefits. They learn that reflexology has a relaxing effect that makes it easier to cope with stress. In fact, according to a 2010 study in The Journal of Clinical Nursing, hand and foot massages can even help those dealing with grief. Therapists work with specific points that relieve depression. They can also teach clients how to press certain points on the foot to treat themselves on a daily basis.

Treatments Can Boost Overall Health

Foot massages can also improve general health. They boost foot health by reducing inflammation and minimizing the symptoms of heel spurs. Professional foot massages will lessen the discomfort of backaches, neck pain and migraines. Just a 10-minute massage can improve circulation and increase blood oxygen to the body. Therapists can also show clients how to improve sleep by massaging acupuncture points in the feet before going to bed.

The ancient art of foot massage is alive and well and keeping thousands of people comfortable and healthy. Professional massages help relax clients while reducing pain in the feet and other areas of the body. Foot massage can even help lift depression and help clients work through grief.

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