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Neck pain can often impact other areas of your body and can make it difficult to move at times, especially if the pain reaches your upper back or shoulders. A doctor can diagnose the reason behind your pain and offer neck pain treatment in Jacksonville so that you can have the relief that you need. There are also a few things that you can do at home to enhance the treatment given by your doctor.

Move Around

One of the common reasons why you might have neck pain is because you sit in one position for long periods of time during the day. When you move around, you keep the muscles from seizing in place, resulting in pain when you do move to another position. Try to stretch your neck and other areas of your body during the day to relieve some of the pain that you feel.


Look at the ways that you use items throughout the day so that you can make changes where they are needed. Change the position of your desk chair and your computer so that you’re not looking down at your computer screen. If you stay at home during the day, consider putting a pillow behind your neck when you’re sitting on the couch. Try not to lean over for long periods of time while washing dishes or performing other household chores.


One way that your doctor can offer neck pain treatment in Jacksonville is by adjusting your neck and spine. This is a type of chiropractic treatment that involves maneuvering the spine in a way so that it’s properly aligned instead of areas being crooked or even slightly out of the proper position.

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