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If you are caring for an aging adult who has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, then you may notice behavioral changes in the individual.

Certain behaviors can make it challenging to effectively care for a person with dementia. Because of this, you may need to consider placing your loved one in a facility specializing in dementia nursing care in Naples, FL. In the meantime, consider these strategies to help minimize unwanted behaviors that are common in those with Alzheimer’s disease, such as physical aggression.

Maintain Regular Routines

People with dementia seem to do better when they have regular routines to follow. Any changes in routines can lead to further confusion, anxiety, and behavior problems. If you deviate from your loved one’s normal routine when assisting him or her with bathing, dressing, eating, or grooming, the person may become agitated and act out negatively.

If you do have to change your loved one’s care routine, explain each step so that he or she knows what to expect and does not become alarmed or afraid.

Encourage Exercise

Physical activity can prevent unwanted behaviors in those with Alzheimer’s disease. When people with dementia exercise, they are less likely to develop anxiety, which can help reduce outbursts of aggression and anger. Always talk to the aging adult’s physician before encouraging a new exercise program.

If the elderly individual has pain or mobility problems, he or she may be unable to engage in strenuous activity, however, a leisurely walk may be tolerable. Exercise programs are an important component in facilities specializing in dementia nursing care in Naples, FL.

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